Steps to take when a child is abducted or in planning


These steps may not guarantee the return of the child if already being abducted. But it won’t be too late if that time ever comes meaning India accepts Hague treaty and decides to return the child or US decides to pressure India in returning its children. 

If you are in US follow these steps and fight as much as you can please. Also start networking with other LBPs

1. Report it to the State Department even though they are ineffective right now.

2. Request for the welfare visit if the child is in India.

3. Block passport being issued by the US authorities. Follow State Department’s suggestion on this.

4. Add the child to missing children list at National Crime Information Center (NCIC)

5. Get a legal custody from your local family court if abducted.

6. Ask the judge to issue an order to return the child.

7. Serve both court orders to the abductor in India. Find out what is your local court’s acceptable form of serving the court papers.

8. If the abductor has any criminal records report it to the State department whenever you learn of those crimes. This may really help in return of the child.

9. If you can try fighting in the Indian State High Court where the abductor is residing, although there is no hope.

10. If you can, get a Red corner notice on the abductor and yellow corner notice on the child so the abductor can not re abduct the child to some other country when they try to fly.

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