Educate your Judges in US to not send children even for a visit

Please educate you judges and lawyers on the situation in India when custody matter is in the court. May be an affidavit from an experienced lawyer on the matter such as Jeremy D Morley would help educate them. May be web sites that already explain it clearly such as State Department etc. Also collect verdicts from various Indian courts that shows how US court orders there don’t matter and how India protects the abductor. Judges and lawyer not being aware of the situation with a non Hague country such as India and it’s title as safe haven for child abduction should not be the cause for your loss, pain and suffering.

Just one example here that caused Judge being not aware of India’s reputation.

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  1. AnandDad says:

    I am the father of the above article. It is not true that the Judge was unaware of India’s reputation. The Judge chose to ignore the warning. A few of the Judge’s oral pronouncements, at the end of the trial, still ring in my ears: “I don’t give much credence to India not being a signatory to Hague treaty……” and “I don’t think the mother is a person of bad faith who will abduct the child to India….”

    Nothing short of an official communique from Department of State will suffice in convincing a US Judge. It needs to be a frank admission from DoS (and their OCI) on their continued failure to even conduct a welfare visit. For obvious reasons, DoS will never admit to it.

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